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Injectable Aesthetics Academy is an injectable aesthetics training provider based in the upmarket Kensington district of West London. We offer specialised injectable aesthetics courses to both medics and non-medics including doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, dental hygienists, paramedics and beauticians, as well as a variety of other practitioners. We deliver our carefully designed and fully CPD accredited courses in our beautiful, well-accessible, and state-of-the-art training rooms in Kensington.

We have highly skilled, medically and scientifically qualified tutors, and take the utmost care in utilising safe products and offering a high quality training programme. We strictly follow guidelines and work with a range of partners and affiliates to offer our clients everything they need to start their practice as soon as they step out of our doors. So whether you are a medic or non-medic, a newcomer to the industry, or are already practising, our aesthetics courses will give you the knowledge, confidence and skills that are needed to be a successful Aesthetics Practitioner and build a lucrative and professional practice.

Please click the button below to learn more about us or scroll down to read how we offer additional training and incentives to our non-medic learners and abide by our motto 'Teaching Excellence through Safety'.

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Our Aesthetics Courses

Injectable Aesthetics Academy offers specialised injectable aesthetics courses to suitably qualified individuals.


Combined Basic & Advanced Dermal Fillers Course

A Combined Basic and Advanced Dermal Fillers Course offering training in all areas of the face, saving our clients time and money.


Combined Basic & Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Course

A Combined Basic & Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Course offering training in all areas of the face and body, saving our clients time and money.


Combined Fat Dissolving Course (Aqualyx & Deso)

A Combined Fat Dissolving Course (Aqualyx & Deso body/Face) offering training in all areas of the face and body, saving our clients time and money.


Advanced Facial Contouring Dermal Fillers Course

A Specialised Advanced Tear and Cheek-Trough Dermal Fillers Course offering current aesthetics practitioners a more in-depth knowledge and skills base in the delicate areas under the eyes and cheeks.

Lips Masterclass Course (Including Russian Lips)

A Specialised Advanced Lips Masterclass Course offering current aesthetics practitioners training for more in-depth knowledge and skills to ensure specialised and bespoke results in the lips.





Aesthetics Student Today, Practitioner Tomorrow

Purchase a course today to start off on your path to becoming a great aesthetics practitioner tomorrow.

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At Injectable Aesthetics Academy we sincerely and fully abide by our motto 'Teaching Excellence through Safety'. We appreciate that there will naturally be a void in the knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology between medics and non-medics, we also understand that injectable aesthetics are not generally medical procedures, but more in the field of aesthetics and beauty, so excluding non-medics such as beauticians is not viable.

Due to this, we at Injectable Aesthetics Academy offer additional aesthetics courses and support to our non-medic learners, to bridge the gap between medics and non-medics, so our non-medic learners can be more informed, confident and, most of all, safer.

Our pre-course theory work booklets are more involved and extensive for non-medics in comparison to the booklets aimed at medics. For non-medics we have extended learning material, particularly in the modules that cover safety, anatomy, injection techniques, and contra-indications etc.

By offering this additional support we believe that our non-medic learners can offer quality aesthetics procedures whilst having a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology, thus ‘Teaching Excellence through Safety.’

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Testimonials From Happy Students

Very well prepared and organised...

Had a dermal Fillers training last week. Very well prepared and organised. Trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful. Got to practice loads which made me confident in performing the treatment myself. Definitely will be using them again. Klaudsbeauty   |   April 10th 2022  |  

Very supportive and highly knowledgeable ...

I recently completed my basic and advanced dermal filler course at the academy and it was amazing! Raman and Haaris were very supportive and highly knowledgeable and made sure I was confident in carrying out the procedures. I would recommend to anyone who would like to start their path in aesthetics ! Beri Cos   |   February 22nd, 2022  |  

Will definitely be completing more courses with this academy...

Thoroughly enjoyed the dermal filler training. Raman and Harris are extremely good teachers 10/10 would recommend. Will definitely be completing more courses with this academy Madeline Lawton   |   July 8, 2021  |  


Why Choose Injectable Aesthetics Academy

1. We give you everything you need to start the moment you step out of our doors   

Upon completion of the aesthetics courses, we will give you everything you need to start your practice immediately. This includes –

  • Certificates from us and CPD documenting professional development hours,
  • Insurance details (we offer a guarantee that you will get insurance)
  • Prescribers (we have a prescriber pool across the UK and guarantee a prescriber)
  • Pharmacy and supplier services
  • PDF copies of consent, medical and consultation forms.
  • Unlimited ongoing support

This will mean that you can start practicing as soon as you have completed your aesthetics course with us. We also offer unlimited ongoing support and aftercare to all our learners.

2. Highly qualified and experienced tutors   

All our tutors have extensive experience in aesthetics, and are medically and scientifically trained. They all also hold teaching qualifications, particularly in teaching adult learners. Also, the board of directors have a combined total of 25 years of experience in training!

3. We will source all the models and offer a high number of models for our learners   

Unlike other training academies, we NEVER ask our clients to bring their own models. We source all the models and we guarantee 20 plus models in line with HEE guidelines. We also encourage our learners to practice the procedures on the models many times so you get an extensive amount of experience and be fully confident to do so independently.

4. We keep our class sizes small   

We never exceed five clients to a course, so we offer a more hands on and personal teaching experience, we also always have two tutors teaching.

5. We believe in 'Teaching Excellence through Safety'   

We cannot emphasise enough how much we believe in safe practice and safety. As was mentioned before, we offer our non-medic learners more support and learning so they feel confident. This also helps to bridge the gap in understanding between medics and non-medics.

6. We offer unlimited ongoing support   

We won't forget you once you have completed your training with us. We offer unlimited ongoing support for all our previous clients, and will go the extra mile to answer any questions you may have and help in any way we can.


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Be a Model for our Aesthetics Courses

Be a model on our training days and get our aesthetics procedures in dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle & fat dissolving for a heavily discounted rate.

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Fully Insured

We are fully accredited and insured to deliver injectable aesthetics courses. You don’t need to worry about having insurance in place when you attend your training courses with us as you will be covered by our insurance on the training days. Once you have completed your course with us we will have you insurance in place, all you will have to do is ring them to commence your policy. We guarantee insurance for all our learners.

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Basic & Advanced Dermal Fillers Course

Basic & Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Course

Advanced Facial Contouring Dermal Fillers Course

Lips Masterclass Course

Fat Dissolving Course